Sunday, May 30, 2010

Space Police Three Base Critique

Since I am going off of a review from Eurobricks, this is nothing more than a critique of what was shown.

I am not as impressed with the final results of the set as I was with the initial pictures.

Some nice parts though, I will be sure to get them from Bricklink.

So, what is the problem? Well, really, it is just what it is supposed to be, an action platform. The problem with large base sets is that most of the details are more suggestive than real. If this number of parts had been used to create a single ship or other vehicle, there would be much more detail, making it a much more enduring model. But because it is an action set, most of the details have been set aside in favor of...action stuff.

A uniquely designed and functional garage door with black and yellow garage door parts, more "jail cell" parts, and a bunch more white. That is what this set is.

The land vehicle's windshield and the base's blue curved windows are must-haves though.

Unfortunately, that is about all this set has going for it.

A shame, really. The two largish space ships yet to be seen might be far more interesting to build.

Here's hoping for the best.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Itch That You Can Not Scratch

I almost bought a couple of the new Toy Story 3 sets this week. It was something new on the shelf...something different. And I wanted them.

Fortunately, I was able to remind myself that I am only after parts or particularly interesting builds. The sets that had caught my eye were neither good parts packs or interesting builds.

There are, in fact, only a very few sets I want to purchase and build for the remainder of the 2010 line-up and they are not out yet. Oh, and the collectible minifigs. Then it is the long wait for the 2011 sneaks/leaks/previews. I can only hope that I have enough money for the upcoming sets, at least two Space Police sets, maybe three that I want, a couple of Atlantis sets. I might be interested in the World Race series, but I will certainly need to scrutinize those in hand first.

But sometimes, even when you have the semblance of a plan, you see new product on the shelf and you just "have to have it". It can take an act of will to just walk away.

What I wanted would have cost me forty dollars. What would have got was less than ten dollars worth of parts that I might use anytime soon. Better to blow forty on Bricklink orders for parts that I know I will actually use soon. I have had this philosophy for a few years now, it is interesting that the "gotta-have-it" itch still comes up from time to time.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Minifig Collector's Series

It is hard to believe that they actually did it. I've written before about how I would love to see Lego get more into the collector's market. They will likely be playing it safe, of course, equal numbers of figs produced, but if this is successful, who knows what they will do next?

And why would it not be successful? Well, just because something sells well does not mean it is profitable. These figs are completely unique. Unique printing, unique accessories, unique packaging...all of that uniqueness comes with a cost.

But who knows?

I do not think I will be seeing these on any shelves in my area. I know that if they come to say, 20-25 figs to a box, I will be buying boxes at a time, or at least half a a box at a time...

The problem is that other collectors will be doing the same.

Anyway, it is nice to see Lego "go there" finally.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

High Hopes

Really looking forward to some of the summer sets this year. Hope I will have some extra cash on hand to buy a couple of them. If not, there's always Bricklink to get the new parts, but sometimes I just like to build sets.

The upcoming Atlantis and Space Police III sets are really looking good. Pretty sure I will not be getting all the ones I would like to build, but it will be fun reading the Eurobrick reviews when they emerge.

At the end of the summer we should be seeing 2011 product pics "leak" onto the web. Lego has been doing a really good job these past three years or so with their new lines and parts. Can they keep it up? I think they can. Would really love a line with more "exotic" colors like medium blue and orange or something. More dark purple would be great too. But I'm not a fan of the big sets with only 8-10 parts in exotic colors that only serve to give a vague shape while covering the framework.

Atlantis is almost all red.
Mars Mission and Space Police is almost all white.
Power Miners is almost all lime.

There were some recent town sets with orange trucks but only a couple of them were suitably priced. Have to hit Bricklink for the new-ish orange parts from those sets.

Meh, I've made my point.

I think the World Race line is going to be a sleeper hit. No one is talking about it and we have not seen any really good images for it yet. When we were talking about it earlier in the year, people seemed to get the line mixed up with Lego Racers. Sorry, not the same thing. World Race is whole different thing. Anyway, I think I'd like to have a couple of those sets as permitting.

Anyway, next year could be another really good year, even if it is mostly more of the same that we have seen this past year.

Mark Stafford let slip on Flickr (somewhere) that he is working on a "secret project". I can not help but believe it is going to be some really nice stuff. I am a little excited even though technically, he is always working on something secret in Denmark.


All of my current Lego projects are on hold due to distractions. Between the wife and I we've picked up three jobs (been unemployed for a while) and they will all be over by the end of June. So we're very distracted by the scheduling storm we've found ourselves in (we only have on vehicle, so we have to borrow one from a relative) and just because we're both working doesn't mean we can let the kids raise themselves!

It's just been crazy. I've got five wips set aside for my nnenn tribute and one new wip of my own.

Another Lego blogger is apparently desperate for cash after being without work for some time and he is trying to sell his collection. Forget that! Seriously, how much could I get for my whole set-up bins/towers and stock? Maybe 2-3k dollars if I did everything right and got the best deal possible. And how long would that last? I would be very upset if I sold my stuff then three months later found myself in the same hole but now without a suitable hobby to help relieve the stress. So, forget that.

If you must get money from somewhere, here are a couple of tips to follow first, before selling your stuff:

Cut off the internet connection. Get your fix at the library.
Cut off the cable/satellite t.v.
Cut off the cell phone plan (take the hit, you should have known better to begin with) and replace it with a cheap thing and buy minutes as you need them. If you stray out of range, then you've gone too far, you don't have gas money for that kind of road trip!

If you've already done all that, consider plasma donations! Maybe even sell a few organs.

Ok, I don't know if any of that is funny or not, but I tried.

Honestly, I don't know how we kept the internet hooked up and avoided selling anything all this time. But man, it would totally suck if I had to sell my Lego to keep food on the table...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Plan of Action

I have fine nnenn models completed for my "tribute" (in quotes because some people are accusing the tribute of being a fad, whatever.) I am not entirely pleased with them, but I may just be too close to them, too invested. I just need to trick them out with some guns and details and get them posted before I get fed up and tear them down in frustration.

I also have a recent WIP I need to get out the door before it collects much more dust. It is not really anything special, but I like where it is going.

It is May 1st. A new month. A new post on the blog. It is a rainy gray day out and I am feeling good.