Friday, May 21, 2010

The Itch That You Can Not Scratch

I almost bought a couple of the new Toy Story 3 sets this week. It was something new on the shelf...something different. And I wanted them.

Fortunately, I was able to remind myself that I am only after parts or particularly interesting builds. The sets that had caught my eye were neither good parts packs or interesting builds.

There are, in fact, only a very few sets I want to purchase and build for the remainder of the 2010 line-up and they are not out yet. Oh, and the collectible minifigs. Then it is the long wait for the 2011 sneaks/leaks/previews. I can only hope that I have enough money for the upcoming sets, at least two Space Police sets, maybe three that I want, a couple of Atlantis sets. I might be interested in the World Race series, but I will certainly need to scrutinize those in hand first.

But sometimes, even when you have the semblance of a plan, you see new product on the shelf and you just "have to have it". It can take an act of will to just walk away.

What I wanted would have cost me forty dollars. What would have got was less than ten dollars worth of parts that I might use anytime soon. Better to blow forty on Bricklink orders for parts that I know I will actually use soon. I have had this philosophy for a few years now, it is interesting that the "gotta-have-it" itch still comes up from time to time.

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