Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alien Conquest

Dano supplied us with some more leaks over on Flickr and I have to say, Alien Conquest is looking pretty good. Will have to see more finalized images before commenting on the details, but who doesn't like UFOs and strike teams?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Minifigs (Part Two)

I finally came across some series three minifigs. But they were at Toys R Us and they had a dollar $3.99 each, I can be more selective and get what I want from Bricklink rather than taking a chance at getting something I don't want.

Something funny about these collectible minifigs though. They are still flying off the shelves.

In an earlier blog post I proposed that Lego take the collector's market more seriously and invest in it more. Well, they did it with these minifigs. The thing is, I had a different picture in mind. I thought there would be a handful of ultra rare figs that I might have to purchase from Bricklink, but I would be able to get most of a series in stores. Turns out that I (and Lego) vastly underestimated the demand for these figs. You can't hardly find any at all. Three series in with a fourth on the horizon and you have to count yourself very, very lucky to find any at all.

That's not the picture I had in mind when I first wrote about Lego collectibles. So, I won't be trying to complete any of these series. I will have to be happy to just have more options when populating my models. And that is by no means a bad thing.

Breaks are Good.

I've been really prolific these past months. But, sometimes, you need to take a break. Nnenn once said that being prolific is good, but taking a break then coming back into full swing often results in a jump in creativity and skill. Kind of like the time of proliferation is a plateau of sorts, the break is a dip, and the return is a spike that takes you higher than the last plateau was. That's how I interpret it anyway.

So, I sent a Flickrmail to Mark Sandlin a couple of weeks ago and he reminded me that breaks are good. So, I took it to heart. It helps that my building space is the garage and it's unheated and we're in the middle of winter here. So, a couple of coincidences leading to a break.

Hope to be back at it soon though. I will have a heater or two in that garage before the end of winter.