Thursday, May 6, 2010

High Hopes

Really looking forward to some of the summer sets this year. Hope I will have some extra cash on hand to buy a couple of them. If not, there's always Bricklink to get the new parts, but sometimes I just like to build sets.

The upcoming Atlantis and Space Police III sets are really looking good. Pretty sure I will not be getting all the ones I would like to build, but it will be fun reading the Eurobrick reviews when they emerge.

At the end of the summer we should be seeing 2011 product pics "leak" onto the web. Lego has been doing a really good job these past three years or so with their new lines and parts. Can they keep it up? I think they can. Would really love a line with more "exotic" colors like medium blue and orange or something. More dark purple would be great too. But I'm not a fan of the big sets with only 8-10 parts in exotic colors that only serve to give a vague shape while covering the framework.

Atlantis is almost all red.
Mars Mission and Space Police is almost all white.
Power Miners is almost all lime.

There were some recent town sets with orange trucks but only a couple of them were suitably priced. Have to hit Bricklink for the new-ish orange parts from those sets.

Meh, I've made my point.

I think the World Race line is going to be a sleeper hit. No one is talking about it and we have not seen any really good images for it yet. When we were talking about it earlier in the year, people seemed to get the line mixed up with Lego Racers. Sorry, not the same thing. World Race is whole different thing. Anyway, I think I'd like to have a couple of those sets as permitting.

Anyway, next year could be another really good year, even if it is mostly more of the same that we have seen this past year.

Mark Stafford let slip on Flickr (somewhere) that he is working on a "secret project". I can not help but believe it is going to be some really nice stuff. I am a little excited even though technically, he is always working on something secret in Denmark.

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