Thursday, May 6, 2010


All of my current Lego projects are on hold due to distractions. Between the wife and I we've picked up three jobs (been unemployed for a while) and they will all be over by the end of June. So we're very distracted by the scheduling storm we've found ourselves in (we only have on vehicle, so we have to borrow one from a relative) and just because we're both working doesn't mean we can let the kids raise themselves!

It's just been crazy. I've got five wips set aside for my nnenn tribute and one new wip of my own.

Another Lego blogger is apparently desperate for cash after being without work for some time and he is trying to sell his collection. Forget that! Seriously, how much could I get for my whole set-up bins/towers and stock? Maybe 2-3k dollars if I did everything right and got the best deal possible. And how long would that last? I would be very upset if I sold my stuff then three months later found myself in the same hole but now without a suitable hobby to help relieve the stress. So, forget that.

If you must get money from somewhere, here are a couple of tips to follow first, before selling your stuff:

Cut off the internet connection. Get your fix at the library.
Cut off the cable/satellite t.v.
Cut off the cell phone plan (take the hit, you should have known better to begin with) and replace it with a cheap thing and buy minutes as you need them. If you stray out of range, then you've gone too far, you don't have gas money for that kind of road trip!

If you've already done all that, consider plasma donations! Maybe even sell a few organs.

Ok, I don't know if any of that is funny or not, but I tried.

Honestly, I don't know how we kept the internet hooked up and avoided selling anything all this time. But man, it would totally suck if I had to sell my Lego to keep food on the table...

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