Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hits and Misses From 2011

Just a quick rundown of my predictions for 2011 and how they turned out.

"I think we will be seeing a third release of the new Space Police."
Didn't happen. Got a revamped UFO line instead. Not bad, mixed blessings.

"I suspect Power Miners is at its end."
Gone. I did hope for more lime parts and we got them in Ninjago.

"I suspect, as many others do, that the Star Wars line will continue."
Ten more years. Still comes at a premium price, still loaded with new parts that can be spread across other themes and colors. Nice alternative until Lego decides to give us more original stuff in the Lego Space line.

"Hmm...Creator, Racers, Technic, Town/City, all still going strong. Even Bionicle, though it has now been relaunched as a new franchise with a new story and new characters will likely continue to do well. If only those silvery parts would be produced in solid grays..."
Same old, same old. Still wishing for more silvery parts to appear in proper greys.

"Prince of Persia and Toy Story will likely not see new sets next year, but that's a long time from now. Well, not so much really, by August/September we will see leaks of 2011 sets, so not so far off I suppose. Still, you never know. Being a Disney license anything could happen. Would like to see some other Pixar stuff though..."
Both lines are done but we got Cars...I think, suddenly I'm not sure what the release date for those sets was...

"Indiana Jones seems to be on hiatus, supposed to be a fifth movie in the works so we might still see more from this line."
Lego moved on to it's original adventures line with Pharohs and now Dinosaurs. Good move.

"Won't miss Pirates" I did some odd rambling on this one but I mentioned Pirates of the Caribbean and that's what we got.

"Lego Universe...we will see some sets come from this game, mark my words on that. There is no way in God's green Earth that Lego would design an entire digital world full of Lego creations without intentions of putting some of that stuff on the shelf."
This needs a post of it's own. Not only was I dead wrong but Lego missed a HUGE opportunity.

"So, we are left with Atlantis, I suppose. It is a very nice line."
Gone but not forgotten.

Not a bad score, I was right more often than wrong. I guess that's a win?

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