Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nnenn Cookies, Week Three

Two "duds" this week. Snapfire and Blitzwing just don't quite measure up to the jump in quality and uniqueness that the other five models take on.

I also was also gifted with an impromptu theme in the form of the Devil's Raiders. I haven't shared the name anywhere else yet but I hope to eventually flesh out the theme with ground vehicles and maybe some micro scale capital ships. I'm not a huge fan of micro scale, but I've seen awesome examples that I'm willing to give it another shot. I did some years ago and it would be nice to see if I can do it right.

The Starfire is one of my favorites for the entire month. It has a very simple shape and minimal details. It is very easy on the eyes. It has a slightly modified version of Nnenn's standard cockpit, but oddly enough, the Hammer (from Week Two) was actually more heavily modified (though it looks like all the others) to make it fit on top of the body of the ship.

The Hypershot is my only true assymetrical fighter for the month. It was also awarded with the most hits on Brickshelf, almost double of any of the other cookies. The lime engine "glow" was stolen from Dan Jassim's Starhawk.

The Invader received a shockingly lack-luster welcome on Brickshelf but was a huge hit on Flickr. It was the first of my models to be favorited. I also began to take on as many contacts as possible (I finally realized most Flickr builders had hundreds of contacts to my meager dozen or so, sometimes humility just doesn't get you anywhere) so I'm sure that helped. The Invader was supposed to be very losely based on Nnenn's Danielle but my designs kept falling apart (literally, they just wouldn't hold together) so I finally gave up and went with more of his design. I felt a little ashamed of myself, but you can't win them all.

The Devil's Fork...mmmm...did I say that the Starfire was my favorite? I'm not so sure...the smooth balance of the Fork shocked me. I swooshed it around a few times and had to ask myself if I really built it...YES I DID!

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