Sunday, April 27, 2014

Slowly but Surely

Three years gone by already.

That's when I posted my last finished build to Flickr.

I've built several WIPs since then but haven't been able to finish anything.


But the ball is finally rolling again. Last weekend I took several big steps to getting things going again. Cleaned up the build space in the garage. Fixed up the table. Built a table shelf and a wall-mounted shelf. Bought speakers for my laptop and wireless mouse and keyboard...just in case. Bought a chair. The chair is just a place holder until I get some carpeting on the cement floor. Need a nice rolling chair with armrests so I have more freedom of movement and can lean into my thoughts.

This weekend I bought some cleaning materials and more bins and drawer units. Then began sorting and cleaning.

I have over three years of resorting to do. My kids completely destroyed my organization. That's what happens when you stuff your Lego into a corner and don't maintain it properly for a long period. Some of the bricks are being thrown's nightmarish thinking about what my kids put some of those bricks...and minifigs...through.

Lots of dust, cobwebs, even signs of rodents passing through. After I get everything reorganized and cleaned up, then I can finally start to sort through the past three years of Lego purchases that I've built and tucked away in large bins and boxes. Pretty sure I'm gonna have to get more storage before I'm done.

I think the most difficult thing about sorting a collection of this size is trying to figure out what to do with all the parts I have no intention of using. They have become scattered across several drawers and bins and will be consolidated into just a couple but what should I do with them? I have two drawers of Bionicle parts, a bin of plants, a bin of animals and several drawers of randomness. It's a silly question, really. I will keep them and mostly forget about them just as I've always done. Because once in a while, when rummaging through those drawers and bins of random, unused part, I find something useful for a build.

Not sure when I'll actually return to building. I surely have a few weeks left of sorting and cleaning to do first. Then I need a new camera. The one I was using three years ago has fallen into the hands of my kids...

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