Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Curious Question

Looking back at some of nnenn's older models on Flickr, I came across a commenter who asked:

"So, what do you do after you build a model with painted parts?" The commenter made a couple of snide suggestions of what can be done with a part after it's been defiled (my word, since that was really what he was saying).

The quick answer is that you use the parts again later in future models. Duh!

What do you do when Lego releases a popular part in a new color? You use it to death.

The real question should have been:

"What do you do with your painted parts if Lego later releases their own version?"

Again, the quick answer. You save money by not buying the Lego version since you already have one that works.

Purists are funny.

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