Friday, December 4, 2009

Novvember II

Well, Nnenn's Novvember came and went. Not sure if there were more people or just more MOCs but I think I saw more models that impressed me less this year. Yeah, no one is trying to impress me, I understand that, but often people do it anyway.

I mostly sat out and watched from the sidelines, wishing I had the motivation to participate. Then, in the last week or so I suddenly had enough motivation to complete seven models. Brickshelf and CSF seems mostly unimpressed with my work, but Flickr seemed to enjoy some of it. I liked all of them. If I could, I would leave them all together to show off on a shelf.

The Twees poked some fun at the Vic Viper fad. Nnenn got blogged again. There was some drama about over one particular builder who was very exuberant and proved equally prolific, but some folks disapproved of his quantity over quality approach. Looks like he wasn't chased away though, sometimes it can take some thick skin to put up with the Lego community.

Anyhow, the Vic Vipers are fun. They are so simple to produce that you actually have to force yourself to do more than the requirements.

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