Monday, September 7, 2009

New Macaroni Brick

So, Lego has improved the venerable macaroni brick and, of course, panic and rioting from the fan community has ensued.

In a nutshell:

Old brick- needed to be stacked alternately for stability. If stacked vertically and held sideways, a wall of macaroni bricks would generally fall for lack of clutch.

New brick- interior has been modified to add clutch. Now bricks will be stable if stacked vertically, but can not longer be stacked alternately and leaves gaps between bricks. However, a round plate was recently introduced that can be used to secure the new macaroni bricks if a builder were to stack enough for gravity to become an issue.

My take is simple. Who cares?

I mean, really, how many builders were trying to build with these things anyway? More importantly, when was the last time a plethora of creations appeared and wowed everyone with the sheer number of macaroni bricks stacked together? Sure, they're fun to have and almost every builder I know "intends" to do something significant with them someday. First they just have to obtain enough of them.

The change to this brick is an improvement. The one problem that will likely occur is when a builder legitimately attempts to stack a bunch together only to find that the securing plate is not available in the same color of macaronies being used. This is actually a legitimate problem, the introduction of incomplete parts series into the line. It is a problem that Lego seems to have no interest in correcting.

I'm sure we'll all find a way to survive though, Lego builders are a durable breed.

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