Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lego Wishes

For a few years now Lego has submitted fan questionnaires to online sites. After a few financial questions and some product reviews they ask what fans of Lego would like to see in the future.

I've been given mixed blessings via these forms.

Things I have asked for:

An anime line...they gave us Exoforce. Not a horrible line, but many of the optional models were more like what I had in mind.

Aliens...they gave us Mars Mission and space pirates. Mars Mission aliens were awful, space pirates are kind of cool. Now if we could just get a proper Space line with our aliens we'd be all set. P.S. Three years of white space sets is too much white. Please don't let there be a fourth.

An ongoing line of cars reminiscent of Hotwheels...we have Lego Racers. Early Racers had minifigs (or in VERY early cases, just minifig heads) but few of the cars were noteworthy. Now we have noteworthy cars, but not to minifig scale. Sigh.

I also asked for some sort of architectual sets. I recall that lighthouses were being discussed at the time and I thought that would be pretty cool...we have a wide range of oddities. Some houses have appeared in the Creator line. A large wind turbine was released as a promotional with a scaled down version now available at retail. We also have an actual architectual line with sky scrapers and art deco stuff.

I think that is all I asked for.

In every case, Lego almost got it right. Be careful what you wish for.

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