Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lego Atlantis

Hmmm...another day another leak.

As I've written before, I love Lego leaks.

So, as the discussion goes, this blurry Lego Atlantis picture shows a three-wheeled vehicle that happens to reuse the Power Miners wheels, therefore this is a blend of Power Miners and...something.

This is not true though. As was recently shared in a New York Times article via The Brother's Brick,

"The number of different bricks or elements that go into Lego toys has shrunk to less than 7,000 from roughly 13,000, and designers are encouraged to reuse parts, so that a piece of an X-wing fighter from the “Star Wars” series might end up in Indiana Jones’s jeep or a pirate ship."

A helpful Lego designer, Nabii, (aka Mark Stafford) popped into The Brother's Bricks comments section to clarify that quote,

"...this total includes colour variations! So a lot of this was achieved by reducing the number of colours any given element is available in at any given time."

My point here is that Lego Atlantis is NOT a Lego Power Miners mash-up theme. Since designers are encouraged to share parts between themes, it makes sense that the newest large wheels in the Lego warehouse would be used again in upcoming themes.

Someone commented on the photo praising the apparent return of trans neon green. What a horrible decision! Fans are crying out for trans red, trans yello, trans blue, trans green...they want classic transparent canopy colors. Space Police, with its trans blue windshields, gave fans hope that more classic trans colors might be on their way, but apparently not.

What this means is that we are about to see a deluge of trans neon green again. In order to produce these parts Lego had to order a large quantity of the insipid color (the more bulk, the better the deal). They fully intend to use those resources. However, there are some other possibilities. This pic could be of a prototype and a different wind shield color will be used before the sets go to retail. It could also be that Lego has had some neon green parts sitting in their warehouse that they decided should be used up once and for all (one can only hope).

As for the Atlantis line itself. Well, good for Lego. I like to see sci-fi lines from them. I'm thankful that they didn't use lime for this line. The figs should be interesting and the sets will likely be fun to look at. I wouldn't expect a lot of new parts though. Since a "new" part to Lego can also mean an old part in a new color, it would be foolish to expect much more than some new minifig stuff and old parts in new colors.

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