Saturday, January 17, 2009

Something About Leaks

I love Lego leaks. I can't get enough of them. I love trying out creative search criteria to see if I can find something that my normal sources of information has either missed or chose not to share. I enjoy the challenge of deciding if the pics are of final product or just place holders, moc-ups, or prototypes, or even a hoax.

I also enjoy reading through the discussions when the leaks are posted on popular blogs or forums. Generally it is just the same conversation I've read every year for about a decade, but it is interesting to see that almost every year the discussion is held by different people. Some of us can grow tired of such discussion within a year or two and it is easy to forget that every year new people discover the process of leaks for the first time.

The Brother's Brick has announced that they will not share unofficial Lego leaks. Good for them. I think it is a rather silly thing to do on one hand, but on the other hand, one of their members is a Lego Ambassador. I am not trying to pull out a conspiracy or anything, but I don't see how politics would not play a part in the decision. Certainly The Brother's Brick is not a showcase forum for Lego leaks and they have every right to decide that they just don't want to bother with the discussions anymore. I applaud their efforts to make an attempt to maintain focus for their blog. It is far more than I will do here.

Lego leaks are a funny thing though. The discussion of them can bring out the best and worst of the adult Lego community. Over at Eurobricks, a discussion is ongoing that covers the recent images of the new Lego Space line. These images are purportedly of a banner that was mistakenly hung in a fan's local Lego outlet. The discussion has progressed to cover juniorization, recent Lego trends toward violence, similarities to other recent Lego lines, the cookie-cutter story that Lego regurgitates from one line to another (someone or something has something that someone or something wants)...

One of the more interesting topics within the discussion was that of a past line called Dino Attack. I remember when this line was released. It was released in conjunction with another line called Lego Vikings. Vikings was released "exclusively" to Europe while Dino Attack was released to North America. It was an experiment by Lego to see if they could (or should) release entire lines exclusively to regions. America likes violence while Europe, not so much. Both lines proved to have enough interest in both regions that Lego changed thier mind and made them available world wide. However, what I did not know until I read through the Lego Space leaks discussion was that when Dino Attack was released to Europe, the Lego company changed the name to Dino 2010 (or something) and left off the "Attack". They also removed the weapons and included different features.

So, yes, the discussion of Lego leaks can be repetitive, but sometimes intresting topics within the discussions can emerge. There are not very many open discussion forums available to adult Lego fans. It is not uncommon to see a simple, on-topic, discussion erupt into a mess of ideas and opinions that are sometimes completely off-topic. All it takes is the right catalyst. Sometimes all it takes is a Lego leak.

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