Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nnenn Cookies, Week Two

Week Two was fun!

One might argue that if I wasn't having "fun" during the first week, why would force myself to continue? Because I did have fun that first week. However, there was also a certain amount of stress in the form of such things as a lack of confidence, fear of failure, fear of ridicule...etc. But in Week Two, I immediately began building stuff that I liked. The only real dud this week is on Day Thirteen with the Torque Fighter.

A lot of people liked Day Eight (Swoop) but I think they were more interested in the colors than the build (although a couple people say nice things about the integration of the engines into the wings). For a while, Swoop had the highest number of hits on Brickshelf, not that it really matters but it's fun to gauge such things (especially when other builders get over night hits passing a thousand, every little tick of the numbers seems momentous).

The Hammer is fun to look at but something seems very off about it. I don't know what it is, but something just keeps making me stare at it every time I go through my images.

The Gravity Gyro seems to be where things really begin to get interesting.

The entire week is just great to look at over-all. By now the MOCs are only taking a few hours to build, shoot and edit.

Speaking of editing. This week I began to learn basic editing skills. I have problems with layers even now, but it was a great relief to finally learn how to take out the garbage in a background. I also make my own backgrounds for the first time (with mixed results). They are complete rip-offs of Nnenn's backgrounds, but you have to start somewhere...

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