Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caving In

I finally made a Bricklink order. I snatched up about 900 1x2 (45 degree) slopes of various colors, inverted and stud-on-top. The total came to a little over $50.

That's a HUGE order for me. My largest order in 2008 was $30 with all other two-digit prices only in the teens.

I went over my Bricklink history and discovered that there was almost a three-year gap between 2005 and 2008 where I placed absolutely NO orders. I did purchase a lot of sets off the shelf ( a lot for me anyway) including most of the ExoForce line and some other odds and ends. There was a number of Star Wars purchases in that time and Ferrari as well.

I have a sizable collection, but never seem to have what I need for a project. I don't really build large MOCs, but they aren't really that small either, I suppose.

Early on in my parts-gathering, I focused on plates and 2xn bricks. Big mistake. What I really needed was slopes. Lots of slopes and 1xn bricks.

To make things interesting, I was getting a nice selection of light grey and dark grey slopes when all of a sudden Lego decided to give us new shades of grey and discontinue the old. At the same time, I had to cut back on my Lego purchases so I never really grew a good selection of the new greys.

And, because I was conentrating on the greys back then, my other colors suffered.

Except for black. Somehow, though I wasn't trying at all, I ended up with more black than anything else, and I have no desire to build in black (or at least, minimum desire).

So, while I have a collection big enough to make many builders drool over, I simply don't have what I need to build what I want. I thought I did, but I've proven otherwise. And to make matters worse, recent build techniques recquire more bricks and slopes than ever.

Oh well, the parts are paid for, hopefully they will be enough to get me cracking. My WIPs are piling up, screeching for attention.

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