Monday, April 14, 2014

What has Lego Done Right Recently?

A lot.

Their minifigs are more detailed than ever before and include many more accessories than in the past. Their line-up is more robust than it has been in years. There was a time if you wanted city sets you better be satisfied with either fire, or police, or construction, or...but now things are different. I don't really care for most of the fire-fighter sets that are currently available but I absolutely loved the airport fire truck and purchased it. I may even buy another one or two copies. Most of the other first-responder type of sets and vehicles aren't my cup of tea right now, although their current coast-guard lineup looks interesting. But guess what...I've purchased a few of their city-themed trucks this year and plan to buy more. Lego's city theme is robust, full of variety.

The Ninjago line is packed with futuristic machines.

Chima is full of mystical animal warriors.

The classic-space revamps are still going strong, though a little sparse on the sets. We've had Space Police/Blacktron, UFO, and Insectoids with both UFO and Insectoids being mashed up together with a Futuron revamp in the form human defense units. What's next? Classic Space itself in the current movie line-up. Not much, but enough to give enthusiasts a chance to vote with every dollar they can.

Hero Factory looks very interesting and I just bought my first sets from that line. Too many interesting things in the sets to ignore it any further. Hero Factory  minifigs..."bugs"...hope they give us more of that.

Mixels are poised to change everything about Lego's small price-point sets. Give me a line of bots/mechs/alien beasts and I will keep buying them. I even have to put up a whole separate post just to illustrate the potential of the parts in this line. daughters love this stuff!

Of course the licensed themes are doing well, for the most part. Star Wars still going strong, Tolkien themes still selling, Super Heroes...why did this take so long?

The Simpsons, Cuusoo, Architecture, Technic, Mindstorms, Trains, Ultimate Collector's, Cafe much to choose from.

It's not just that I like everything Lego is doing right now, because I don't, but there's so much to choose from and so much of it is fantastic, how can you decide what to buy? I certainly can't afford everything that I want from Lego.

Years ago, Lego was bloated beyond their means. Too many licenses that weren't paying off, too much merchandising that was unrelated to the brick, too many colors to maintain, more molds than could cheaply or efficiently store and was a mess and they almost went out of business. But this time around, they've been more cautious and at least know what to do if they start loosing money and have to pull back a little: break some molds, discontinue some colors, cancel some themes, let some licenses expire...

Lego hasn't done everything right, but recently they've done a great job and I hope they can it up.

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