Sunday, March 11, 2012

Say What?

Did I really go an entire year without a post?


Yes I did.

Went through a lot this past year.

Got a new job. It was pretty tough for me, very physical and I was on twelve-hour shifts. Had some weekend time but was too exhausted to do anything with my hobbies. Played some World of Warcraft and pouted a lot. Besides, the Legos were in the garage and it was unheated in the winter and uncooled in the summer.

Had some emotional issues to work through. Still working them out. Thankfully my wife is understanding and my kids are sort of easy to please...mostly.

Been using a CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea for about eighteen months, lost a LOT of weight, about eighty pounds. I almost died before getting a sleep test and the diagnosis. Had no idea how close I was. The nurse came in and ended the test within about an hour and a half. Said I was 'off the chart" then hooked me up to a machine for the rest of the night. Best sleep I could remember having for years.

Lego is in the house now, still not really building. Caught up on a lot of sets I had missed throughout 2011. New job meant more money but had a lot of catching up to do so I couldn't buy any sets for most of the year.

Job changed to eight hour shifts and now I'm working six and seven days a week. This is my third day off in about six weeks. Having time after work is a mixed blessing. Sometimes would rather have the whole weekend off. Still getting used to the extra daily time.

So that's about it, I suppose. Got lots of Lego thoughts to share in upcoming posts.

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