Thursday, December 23, 2010

Minifigs (Part Two)

I finally came across some series three minifigs. But they were at Toys R Us and they had a dollar $3.99 each, I can be more selective and get what I want from Bricklink rather than taking a chance at getting something I don't want.

Something funny about these collectible minifigs though. They are still flying off the shelves.

In an earlier blog post I proposed that Lego take the collector's market more seriously and invest in it more. Well, they did it with these minifigs. The thing is, I had a different picture in mind. I thought there would be a handful of ultra rare figs that I might have to purchase from Bricklink, but I would be able to get most of a series in stores. Turns out that I (and Lego) vastly underestimated the demand for these figs. You can't hardly find any at all. Three series in with a fourth on the horizon and you have to count yourself very, very lucky to find any at all.

That's not the picture I had in mind when I first wrote about Lego collectibles. So, I won't be trying to complete any of these series. I will have to be happy to just have more options when populating my models. And that is by no means a bad thing.

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