Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

Lego is full of color.

Lego is largely marketed to boys.

Lego is just barely touching the iceberg of their potential.

For the past few years Lego has had a license with Ferrari and this past year Lamborghini. The sets are nice enough, though somewhat plane.

The Lego Racers line has been a strong force on the shelves, but I suspect it is losing steam.

Other random cars show up in the creator line and the city line, but they are often safe models with obvious colors and features.

What Lego could do is put the full force of their color pallet to use in a line of fairly detailed/accurate minifig-scale cars and trucks (and planes and helicopters...whatever). The Hot Wheels brand is not afraid to take chances with its die cast car line. The line is certainly marketed to boys but you will find pink cars, purple cars, pink or purple windshields, any number of colors mixed and matched, so long as it is "cool".

The Lego mini racers are close. But it is time for Lego to really cut loose on their cars. A single new line of automobiles to appeal to all ages and tastes. Bring the full power of the Lego rainbow to bear down on it. Black cars with purple highlights and trans-purple windshields, white cars with pink highlights and pink windows, engines sticking out every which way, exhaust pipes all over the place, and mini figures with matching prints and helmets.

Just look to Hot Wheels, take out a license even! Whatever it takes to really go crazy!

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