Thursday, April 1, 2010

Suspicions for the Coming Year

I think we will be seeing a third release of the new Space Police. It borders on the inevitable. Another season of white. There are so many other color combinations to play with. So many colors in need of expansion. However, I am looking forward to the summer 2010 sets, they have Mark Stafford written all over them. At least the limo and the police ship do, not so sure about the base, but the ground vehicle and the blue dome windows are delicious.

Thankfully we have a couple of nice models in the Power Miners theme. For a long time I could only loath lime. It just seemed hideous. However, it has proven to be a nice color after all. Now if we could get some more parts in that color we will really have something going. Unfortunately, I suspect Power Miners is at its end. On the bright side, maybe we will see a new theme expanding another color that is lacking. Also, who really needs more lime cheese vents right now any way?

I suspect, as many others do, that the Star Wars line will continue. I am not sad about this. I have not purchased a Star Wars set in a long time, but I would have liked to. The prices are often out of my range and sometimes the parts are too common to bother. The beauty of the Star Wars line's success however, lies in the potential new parts molded for it. They eventually appear in other lines/themes, often within the same year and that is only a winning recipe.

Hmm...Creator, Racers, Technic, Town/City, all still going strong. Even Bionicle, though it has now been relaunched as a new franchise with a new story and new characters will likely continue to do well. If only those silvery parts would be produced in solid grays...

Prince of Persia and Toy Story will likely not see new sets next year, but that's a long time from now. Well, not so much really, by August/September we will see leaks of 2011 sets, so not so far off I suppose. Still, you never know. Being a Disney license anything could happen. Would like to see some other Pixar stuff though...

Indiana Jones seems to be on hiatus, supposed to be a fifth movie in the works so we might still see more from this line.

Pirates is one line I won't miss. I was hoping to see some HUGE vessels on the shelves but that really didn't happen. Sure, there were a couple, but not like I was expecting. However, a Pirates of Caribbean knockoff could be interesting...oh boy, conspiracy theory! Lego has a Disney License. What if part of the deal was to nix the Lego Pirates line because other companies hold a license for PotC? Makes sense to me.

Lego Universe...we will see some sets come from this game, mark my words on that. There is no way in God's green Earth that Lego would design an entire digital world full of Lego creations without intentions of putting some of that stuff on the shelf.

So, we are left with Atlantis, I suppose. It is a very nice line. I do not think they could have made it what it is without the input of Mark Stafford. I can't help but to love on the guy. But be sure I have some words that will fly in the face of my apparent infatuation with the Lego fan-turned-employee. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't kill the things I love.

So that's it, I guess. The biggest things to keep an eye out on for the upcoming year is what will be replacing Power Miners and what will be coming out of Lego Universe. I think we are gonna have our socks knocked off.

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