Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On the Trail of nnenn

A long time ago, their was a builder on Classic Space Forums who "broke onto the scene" with a rather large quantity of micro-scale MOCs. I was not impressed by micro-scale at that time, but the designs and colors were great. That builder only left four posts before before vanishing.


The link he posted there is long dead, unfortunately. We have no record of the micro ships that he shared. They might be in his Brickshelf folder, but we may never know if he transferred them over or just deleted them. He was photoshopping some of the colors back then, so who knows?

When I came back from my lengthy hiatus a couple years ago, I tried to track down this natenielson and found an artist's site by the same name.

nnenn's art

I sent out an email to an address I found on the site, hoping it might be the same person. I wanted to apologize for my rudeness in his CSF thread and invited him back into the community. I never received a reply and nnenn never let on that he either received my apology nor that it was, indeed the same person.

It is funny that all along, his identity was right there. People keep saying he broke out in 2006, but that CSF posting was in 2005, and he was already wowing people even then.

I've got more to say, but this hard for me.

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