Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lego as Art

This post is inspired by an ongoing discussion on Flickr regarding what is art. This is actually a tangent of a different topic that started the whole discussion off, but it is at least more interesting to me in this incarnation.

Two interesting phrases have come up:

"I don't get this whole Lego as art thing."

"If the Mona Lisa were done with Fruit Loops, it would have a different meaning."

Both phrases miss the point. Lego is a medium for art. Whether you like the results or not is your own opinion, but art is art, no matter what was used to make it. Changing the medium of a sculpture or painting does not change the meaning (most of the time, some very clever artists can do that if they want to), only its value from one person to another.

I understand that this is one of those arguments that can not be "won". People have their opinions on what art is as well as what good art is. Still, it does not hurt to share opinions on the topic from time to time.

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