Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nnenn Cookies, Week One

I thought Day Two (Double Header) was clever but it wasn't until Day Four (Thumper) that I was actually pleased with a build for the first time in years. Not just glad to have it done, but genuinely happy with the build.

By now the design ideas were coming more quickly and the actual builds were taking less time also. Day Six (Harrower) and Day Seven (Buster) were my first color experiments for the challenge.

I put this image up on Classic-Space Forums (CSF) and received a luke-warm response. In fact, some of the posts seemed to suggest that this challenge was a complete waste of time. I had yet to really define the purpose or "rules" of the challenge, so it was difficult to articulate what I was doing. The over-all message I was getting was that only a (more) skilled builder should do something like this. I dissagreed.

So, Week One was behind me, only a bazillion more MOCs left to build (that's how it felt at the time)!

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