Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nnenn Cookies, Week Four

I'm not so happy with Week Four. It's the most colorful week, but the builds are more heavily influenced by Nnenn's designs. I wasn't getting a start on the builds until late in the evening and was starting to race the clock, trying to get pics posted before the next day. Fortunately the builds and editing were only taking about 2-3 hours, but the clock still beat me by the end of the week. With so little time to think about the designs and tinker with them I had to go with as much simplicity as possible.

The Rampage is the most complex build of the week. Unfortunately, it's uniqueness is overshadowed by the poor color mix. The two colors actually look nice together, I just did a crap job mixing them on this model.

The Zort is my favorite of the week. Everything about it was fun, colors, name, and shape.

The Devil's Claw was a rehash of the Devil's Wing, but it just seemed perfect for the over-all concept. Someone pointed out that it seems a bit large for a cookie, but it's actually far smaller than it looks. The Talons that it carries are very minimalistic swarm fighters. The stand was the most difficult thing to put together and took the most time.

I thought this would be the end, but stopping at only 28 days just seemed too cheap, even for me.

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