Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nnenn Cookies, Day One

I won't be doing a post for each day of the challenge, but I think it's important to set a couple of them apart from the rest.

Day One was a challenge in it's own right.

What should I build?

Where do I begin?

What colors should I use?

In retrospect, at least a bare minimum of planning would have made the first few days easier on me, but then that would remove one of the aspects of the challenge. Spontaneous designs was one of the things I was going for. Sure, some outside inspiration was going to be a part of the process, but day to day design needed to be unplanned.

So, Day One came with some panic. The stress was compounded by the realization that I only had enough quantity/colors of the key Lego element in the frame for two MOCs. We builders generally only purchase the parts we use the most (or intend to) and I had never really needed that bracket before. I placed my first Bricklink order of the month on Day One (actually I had to spread the order across several stores, as usual).

I also realized very quickly that more orders were needed unless I intended to build only in old grays, black, red, white,blue, and yellow. My color selection had been tragically neglected over the past few years.

All this was going through my head the entire day as I desperately worked out a design that vaguely resembled a starfighter. Finally, I thought I had found some success until I realized I needed to build a stand for it. I had not built a stand for anything in years. Thankfully I had ordered some extra clear Star Wars "lasers" some time ago (likely for building stands with, but I can't prove it). This took almost two hours.

It was also fortunate that I had purchased some white foam boards recently (to take pics of my Hot Wheels collection) otherwise I would have to use a white sheet (I don't see anyone doing that anymore, so I'm really glad I had those boards).

My digital camera and tripod are aging gracefully but are still functional so at the end of the day I was all set.

Day One was a successful disappointment. I finished my first Nnenn Cookie, but I wasn't much impressed with it.

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