Saturday, March 14, 2009

Space Police 3 (Part Three)

It's been a few weeks since the new Lego Space Police line was leaked, then announced at the Canadian Toy Fare. My emotions have since gone from a wait-and-see patience to a generic "Wow!" to my current "Meh." attitude.

I thought at first that I would surely purchase all of the new Space Police sets but I have since thought it through and decided that I will not. I may not purchase a single one.

As I have stated previously, this will be the third year in a row that we have been given a main color of white. The police ships don't even have the courtesy of a secondary color, just some trans blue highlights. The pirates vehicles are black. I've lamented already that I currently have more black parts than any other color.

So, what then is my incentive to buy any of the new Space Police line?

The aliens are cool, but I will be able to get them all from Bricklink for around $20-$30 bucks plus shipping. The trans blue canopies will be must-haves, but again, Bricklink will be far cheaper for my needs.

It's funny, because this very discussion happened several years ago at Classic-Space Forums. The question was put forth weather or not we would actually get anything new from a new space line that we weren't already getting from the rest of the Lego themes. Of course, us space fans cried, "Yes, we would get something new and even if we didn't we would buy the cool sets anyway!"

Most of that appears to have been true. But now I see why the question was put forth. For the most part, the new Space Police line offers me very little.

The current trend of Lego to include conflict-in-a-box leaves the individual models lacking in detail and density. The upcoming ships are hardly imaginative or unique (although the pirate ships are certainly more so than the police ships). A third year of white with no secondary colors. For me, this line is dead out the door.

Maybe my mood will change again when I see the sets on the shelf, after all, the toy fair selections were still in various stages of prototype.

One can hope.

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