Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lego vs. Secondary Markets

When most of us "older" builders began, Lego sets fresh off the shelf was are main supply of bricks. If a new set came out heavy with a particular color, we jumped on it and purchased multiple copies.

As our collections grew, we became more appreciative of Bricklink. Now, instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars for sets, heavy with parts we didn't need and light on parts we were after, we could just spend that money on parts that we wanted. This of course, placed our money on the secondary market instead of the Lego company.

Now, it is obvious that the fan community has grown leaps and bounds. That means more money for Lego right?

Well, maybe not.

Us older builders have taught the younger and newer ones that they can get a bargain from the secondary market. Need a jump start on your collection? Buy a 10 lbs lot off of Ebay. Need some wedges in a rare color? Don't spend your money on high dollar sets for two wedges at a time, just go to Bricklink and snatch up as many as you want for half the cost.

So, I wonder how much "new" money is going into the secondary market rather than the Lego company.

On the flip side, maybe Lego is still benefitting. Maybe the secondary market is seeing record sales so they in turn purchase a record amount of sets to keep their inventories full.

Just some interesting things to think about.

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