Monday, February 16, 2009

Toy Fair Stuff

Well, all of the high traffic Lego blogs and websites and photo hubs are sharing the Lego goodies from this year's New York Toy Fair.

It looks like the year will continue to be good for Lego. The early year release of the farm and construction city sets are already a hit. So is most of rest of the early year releases. But the summer releases look just as good, if not better. I even want to get my hands on the upcoming city sets although I am primarily a Lego Space fan.

I think the thing that struck me most is that I no longer look at the new Space Police line as a must have. In my earlier posts I lamented that the Space sets are mostly white again, for the third year running.

As much as I dislike lime, I am starting to believe that I would rather have a Space series with lime and trans purple rather than more white.

Oh well, I'll buy some anyways, the sets look good in spite of the white.

The city sets are really nice. Lots of trucks and even a detailed camper.

It is important to remember that when fans began to complain about the release of police and fire sets year after year that Lego responded. Unfortunately it takes up to three years or more to get an idea from design to shelf. So, here we are. We wanted more "life" sets, and now we're getting them. By this theory, next year's Lego Space line should be even better.

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