Monday, February 16, 2009

Lego Picks up Disney License

From Brother's Brick I stumbled onto this link below their Toy Fair pics.

My very first thought was, "How much of this will be Duplo?", specifically, I was concerned that Cars would be exclusive to Duplo as Thomas the Train was a few years ago.

Sure enough, reading through the article on the other side of the link, we find that Cars is exclusive to Duplo. While Toy Story have a mix of System and Duplo and Prince of Persia will be exclusive to System.

But as I think on it, I guess I'd rather not have dozens of the same car design with different Nascar and sponsor stickers. Still, I'd love to see some medium sized sets of Lightning, Mater, and some of the other characters. Would you buy a large helicopter primarily made of medium/light blue bricks? I think I would.

The sets from the three movies are slated for a 2010 release. So 2010 will be a huge year of licensed products for Lego. Unless, the current crop of licensed products is over. For instance, I've seen no new product pics for Speed Racer, Ferari, or Sponge Bob. So maybe Lego will only be producing an equal dose of licensed products from year to year. Which is good. Because a few years ago they clearly had too many licensed products with little to no return on the investment.

I might try to pick up a Buzz Lightyear mini fig from the System sets, but I'm not sure I'll bother with anything from the other Disney items.

One has to wonder if Lego might have actually wanted the Halo license. Maybe the profit margin was too small, maybe it was too violent or dark, maybe they were never offered. Oh well. At least we have Lego Space.

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