Monday, February 2, 2009

Go MINIMAN Go Needs to Come Again

Now that The Brother's Brick has announced the winners for this contest, I couldn't help but wonder at how awesome many of the entries were.

I have seen a number of nice dioramas over the years, but the Go Miniman Go contest seems to have struck a cord within the community. Unlike many contests, this one inspired builders to produce some of the most diversely characteristic MOCs I have ever seen. By asking builders to design themes around the minifig, rather than trying to drop a minifig into a scene, a wave of unparalled creativity and skill carried the community.

I understand that this was a 30th anniversay celebration of the Lego minifig, but that doesn't mean similiar broad contests can not be initiated in the future.

Here's hoping that the Brother's Brick folks weren't too burned out by this excercize and can do something like it again soon.

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