Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Another Lego Blog?

I made this blog because it was suggested that I do so from a member of I already had a blog, but never thought to blog my individual interests. So, after a long debate with myself about whether or not I had enough to say to bother with a Lego blog, I went for it. Then it sat empty for few weeks.

I decided since I am already on a role today with this blog, to say a little about why I've bothered with it. There are, after all, hundreds of other Lego blogs out there. Some are very topical and have earned a dedicated following, and they deserve it.

This blog will be just another online journal for the most part.

I'll give my own reviews from time-to-time. I'll discuss what other people have done or said and try to remember to link back to the source material.

This blog is not an attempt to win friends or gain popularity. I could really care less about status. However, there currently no open Lego forum that allows for general discussion. The only one we had was Lugnet and while it is still operational, it has largely been black-listed by the community at large.

I will not pretend to know everything about what I might discuss but I can become passionate about a point. I am open to correction and debate.

I don't care if I'm right or wrong. But I will sometimes keep a discussion going until I am convinced that myself and some others are on the same page. I do not mind ending a conversation when people agree to disagree.

These are just some of the reasons I finally decided to do this. I hope someone enjoys it.

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