Monday, January 26, 2009

Space Police 3 (part two)

A Canadian toy fair has showed off some of the new Lego Space Police line, as seen at The Brother's Brick. At the end of the post there are links to more images.

All I can really say is, so far so good.

There is a note in the post that some of the sets and minifigs are still in prototype, so some of the sets pictured are subject to change between now and the actual release.

I am not going to fawn all over these sets. Yes, I like them. I am very pleased with the direction that Lego went with this line. The villains are mostly unique (there is an image of a box that highlights two of the same character, could be a prototype place-holder, or the character could be a clone, twin, or duplicate droids...etc.) although the heroes are kind of hidden and difficult to make out. Someone will do a review and drool all over the jail cell system and all of the other stand-outs in the line.

There is a problem though. It won't hurt sales or popularity. It's just something I've pointed out before in online discussions. The problem with Lego's current "conflict-in-a-box" philosophy is that models that could be really outstanding are just so-so because of all of the features that each set must implement.

For instance, there is the Space Police Container Heist. From the pics, I would assume that the pirates stole a container from some commercial long-haul vessel, then the Space Police were called in to retrieve it. The missed opportunity is that of a highly detailed space truck model with some pirates trying to "board" it. Instead we have a pirate vehicle with a container on the back that opens up to display a HUGE cannon. Those pirates certainly do work fast with their stolen goods, eh?

Conflict sells in America, there is no doubt of that. But really, Lego has gone from a policy of NO violence, to ALL violence at the cost of some potentially awesome models. Could we perhaps find a happy medium?

Don't get me wrong, I'm buying as much of this line as I can afford, or stomach. I just wish Lego would stop passing on more awesome possibilities.

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