Monday, January 12, 2009

Space Police 3 (part one)

So, we finally have a glimpse of what Lego has in store for the Space community in 2009. My first impressions are as follows:

More black and white parts. This will make three years in a row that Lego has run with those colors. And this time it looks as though there will be no orange highlights. Hopefully there will be another highlight other than red or blue stickers.

Everyone is fawning over Squidman's "face". It is a nice part though. It has character but is not gaudy. The over-all fig is obviously just a place holder so the face could get some details added to it or a sticker before release

The coolest feature apparent in the blurry pics is the spacey hot-rod. I've been waiting for Lego to produce every-day-man future vehicles forever. Hopefully the entire line will go this route.

Lego Space 2009 is a nice departure from the Mars Mission line. It looks like it could very well be an improvement. I think we had too much Mars Mission but if this new Space Police line can keep up with these banner pics, then we could certainly use more than one release.

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