Monday, January 12, 2009

Power Miners

For Christmas, my boys received Wal-Mart gift cards from someone. This past week we finally got around to making a trip so they could spend their hard-earned cash. My younger son chose a small Power Miners set to along with his other loot.

When we got home the first thing he did was put the Lego set together. At seven years old this was his first solo Lego event. After every page of the instructions he proudly held up the model saying, "Hey, dad! Look at it now!"

The trans-blue rock monster was a hit. "The mouth opens so he can eat the crystal!" Much nom ensued.

The orange "jack hammer" thing on the front can smash through ANYTHING. And the trans-clear light on the side can become a devastating laser cannon at a moment's notice.

I have noticed that not a whole lot of attention has been given to the pre-fab dynamite, but maybe it's been lost somewhere already.

Oh, and the little guy has two faces. That is an important feature to my seven year-old and he makes it known whenever his younger sister has changed the face, then promptly makes things right.

As an AFOL I do not like the Lego Power Miner's line. I especially do not like the lime color. I think the rock monsters are cute and will be sure to get a few for my own collection just to have some. I can understand why Lego produced this line as it is. Kids like the action features and the bright colors. The rock monsters with their chomping heads is a special treat for them.

This line is going to sell very well all year long. I'll be buying some, but not for me.

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