Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nnenn's Divine Intervention

So, this is my first "review" of an AFOL MOC. Maybe it should be considered more of a commentary though.

This is Nnenn's first SHIP. The dimensions do not really matter, only that it qualifies, as he put it, for the "Real Man" club.

For a long time Nnenn's fans have urged him to build a SHIP. I have no idea why it took him so long except to think that maybe he just never wanted to build one. I am curious what it was that finally made him decide to do so. The most obvious answer would be "Well, I decided it was just time to do it." I suspect there was a little more to it though. I have the impression he is not the kind of builder to simply fold under pressure, but people have been on him for months to build a SHIP.

So, now that he has done so, everyone is dropping their jaws over the result. I must confess that at first glance I thought it was another typical "small" micro build of his. Even after reading his blurb I still have yet to experience the "Oh my God, look how BIG it is!" virus that the comments seem to be infected with.

The Divine Intervention is a very good build. I do not often comment on Nnenn's work because I know that he is going to see 10-30 positive comments from others. From time to time I have done so, but I feel as though I am only adding to a cluter of noise. But this SHIP, and his blurb are certainly worth some words.

From stem to stern, port to starbard, the entire centerline, are packed with just enough detail to keep all 100+ studs interesting. Nothing is over-bearing, nothing is too loud or too busy. The missle booms are obviously the main function of the Devine Intervention and the over-all build ensures that your eyes are drawn to them. Even the engine cluster has a uniquness to it that demands attention.

As great as this SHIP is, Nnenn is not very pleased. He states that he had a difficult time putting the interior frame together, and when he lifted the finished MOC something inside "broke" and began to roll around the interior. After spending two weeks or more on the Divine Intervention, Nnenn was very quick to disassemble the model. The over-all impression that I have from his blurb is that he simply did not have the usual fun he has come to expect from building with Lego.

Maybe that is why he waited so long to do a SHIP. Maybe he suspected it would be more work than fun. Nnenn has stated more than once that he builds for the fun of it. It is unlikely that he will build another SHIP.

What a shame.

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