Saturday, January 17, 2009

Magna Guard Starfighter Repackaged


If you were holding out on the Lego Star Wars Magna Guard Starfighter, you have just missed the boat. Unless you were able to stumble upon a location that put it up for clearance or one of those mythical Buy-One-Get-One deals (I don't get to see those deals around here).

No, it has not been pulled from production.

Instead, Lego came up with the clever idea of keeping the Magna Guard Starfighter around a little longer but in the new Star Wars Clone Wars package with the white border. However, they also decided that the packaging swap was worthy of a price hike.

I've seen some complaints about the Clone Wars sets being over priced. People seem confused. Chances are, that on top of the normal cut that Lucas takes from the Lego Star Wars line, the network that is hosting the animated Clone Wars series is also taking a small cut of the profits. If you recall, George Lucas was having difficulties finding a network that would take his animated Clone Wars series. Somehow he cut a deal with someone. A stake in the merchandising seems to have been the deal maker.

This is based on absolutely no research of my own. It just makes sense to me. You are free to correct me.

Currently, if I'm quick about it, I can get the Lego Star Wars Magna Guard Starfighter for less than $40 (plus shipping) from Bricklink, or I can just drop a wad of cash for the new $50 Clone Wars package.

If all I wanted were the minifigs, I could easily get them for approx. $10 apeice...for that price, might as well build the set for a few dollars more.

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